Big Sleep Out - 7th December

Santuario y Museo del Padre Hurtado, Chile

El evento en Santiago se realizará en el Santuario y Museo del Padre Hurtado el 7 de diciembre de 2019. El 100% de los fondos recaudados para este evento se destinarán a organizaciones benéficas registradas que ayudan a las personas sin hogar y desplazadas.

Si desea comunicarse con nosotros acerca del evento de Santiago, por favor envie un email a [email protected]



will support the local organisations listed below.


will go towards supporting people displaced internationally.

Local Charity Beneficiaries

  • Moviliza Corporacion

    Moviliza is a local non-profit organization based on the concept of advocacy for social inclusion for the homeless in Chile. Moviliza mobilizes the relationship between those with no home, practitioners, and public policies through an initiative called, a civil society network. Moviliza also runs three hostel for homeless people, two in Santiago and one in the coast city of Viña del Mar. Moviliza is part of 2030 goal called "A Place to Call Home", alongside with other cities on six continents signed up in May of 2018. Moviliza, as member of RedCalle network, are part he local initiative of IGH Vanguard Cities, committing to ending or reducing street homelessness for key populations by the end of 2020.