Big Sleep Out

The Oslo event venue is still to be confirmed. 100%* of the funds raised from this event will go towards registered charities helping homeless and displaced people.

If you would like to get in touch regarding the Oslo event, please email us at [email protected]


will support the local organisations listed below.


will go towards supporting people displaced internationally.

Local Charity Beneficiaries

  • Kirkens Bymisjon

    The Church City Mission is an inclusive, nonprofit organization, which works in towns and cities across Norway, among people who face challenges in life for various reasons. Our vision is that people in the city shall experience respect, justice and care.

    The Church City Mission’s mission can be summarized in three words: detect, relieve and change. We aim to meet people with love and respect. In all our work involving people, our human values are decisive in shaping our actions. The City Mission’s views are expressed through the values that characterize our work. Our values give us a social outlook that always commits us to speak up on behalf of the most vulnerable members of society. Many people are surprised when they discover the City Mission size and many areas of work. No one is just what you see. That is also true for us as an organization.

*Donations may be subject to platform fees and transaction charges before being received by the Charities. For more information please visit