Big Sleep Out - 7th December

Princes St Gardens, Scotland

Top 25 Individual Fundraisers
1 Ruairi Mulholland £10,686
2 Jade Falconer £10,265
3 Bob Hair £7,205
4 Margaret McCaig £6,909
5 Matthew Gray £5,011
6 Natalya Ratner £4,664
7 Paul Gracie £4,036
8 Roan Irving £3,641
9 Malc King £3,199
10 Leslie Evans £3,164
11 Debbie McLay £3,026
12 Simon Erlanger £2,775
13 Jacqui Lawrie £2,531
14 Murray Roberts £2,459
15 Richard Hepburn £2,435
16 Steph Tinney £2,309
17 Chris Brown £2,281
18 Anita Bromley £2,261
19 Patrick Martin £2,260
20 Caroline McCann £2,155
21 Kevin Houston £2,153
22 Isobel Prowse £2,126
23 Gail Watt £2,059
24 Deborah Ramage £1,965
25 Caroline Colliston £1,670

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Top 25 Team Fundraisers
1 The University of Edinburgh Team £18,351
2 Schuh - Edinburgh £15,052
3 Jacobs - Edinburgh £10,947
4 Columba And Woodmill £10,686
5 Morton Fraser £10,316
6 Burgers & Beers Grillhouse, The Newsroom & Spatch £10,265
7 HSBC - Scotland £9,638
8 Cullen Property £7,369
9 Cazenove Capital - Edinburgh £7,205
10 #LanersBigSleepOut £7,171
11 Millar & Bryce £7,042
12 RBS & NatWest £6,316
13 Phoenix - Edinburgh £6,266
14 Social Bite £6,253
15 Anderson Strathern £5,869
16 Dentons - Edinburgh £5,776
17 Team CMS £5,313
18 Musselburgh Grammar School £5,011
19 Wallace High School £4,983
20 Scotland is Now £4,664
21 PROTEUS TEAM £4,573
22 EUWAFC £4,089
23 Team Shir £4,009
24 St. Margaret's Academy £3,688
25 Coop Food Coop Food

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The Edinburgh event will be taking place in Princes St. Gardens on the 7th December 2019. 100% of the funds raised from this event will go towards registered charities helping homeless and displaced people.

If you would like to get in touch regarding the Edinburgh event, please email us at [email protected] 


will support the local organisations listed below.


will go towards supporting people displaced internationally.

Local Charity Beneficiaries

  • Social Bite

    Social Bite is on a mission to build a collaborative movement to end homelessness in Scotland. Using a pioneering social enterprise model, we enable people affected by homelessness to transform their own lives. We are building a movement by generating funds, awareness and action across all sections of society; believing that a Scotland where everyone has a safe place to call home is possible.


  • Event Date

    Saturday 7th December 2019

  • Event Location

    West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

    Main entrances via the East and West gates of West Princess Street Gardens. Your ticket will notify you of which gate you should arrive at

  • Event open time

    Entry from 17:30 (5.30pm)

    Doors CLOSE 20:00 (8pm)

  • Show Start

    19:00 (7pm)

  • How do I get there?

    There will be free on-street parking in Edinburgh on Saturday from 6.30pm and all day Sunday. For information on parking bay locations, you can search the council website here: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/info/20276/parking_spaces/507/find_parking_bays

    Information on paid parking can be found here http://en.parkopedia.co.uk/parking/edinburgh/

    If you are travelling by bus from outside of Edinburgh to and from the venue you can plan your journey with First Group buses https://www.firstgroup.com/south-east-and-central-scotland and CityLink/: http://www.citylink.co.uk/journeyplanner.php

    If you are travelling by bus from inside of Edinburgh to and from the venue you can plan your journey with Lothian Buses: https://www.lothianbuses.com/live-travel-info/journey-planner/ 

  • Who can attend?

    Only participants who have pre-registered may attend with the ticket issued in their name. Unfortunately, we will not be able to admit anyone without a ticket who hasn’t registered, and it is not possible for participants to bring guests with them.

  • When will I receive my ticket?

    You will receive your email ticket by 5th December 2019

  • Can I leave and re-enter the Sleep Out?

    There is no re-entry upon leaving the event.

  • Will bags be checked?

    Yes - each patron will be subject to a full bag search on arrival.

  • What is the arrival procedure?

    Ticket check

    Bag Search 

    Wristband issued

    Grab a bivvy bag. The bivvy bag is a big orange survival bag for storing your bag in during the concert so it doesn’t get wet and for sleeping in during the night.

    Directed to concert viewing and sleep zones.

  • What is provided on site?


    Free hot drinks throughout the whole event. Free hot drinks can be found in the Impact Village Welfare tent where you can also meet some of the partner charities we work with.

    Warming stations

    A range of food trucks where you can buy hot, tasty street food

    Medical & welfare services for if you feel unwell

    Overnight Security

  • What are the age restrictions?

    The event is open to participants over 16 only. Those aged 16 and 17 must be accompanied by a guardian aged over 21. Those aged 18+ do not need to be accompanied.

  • What if I need extra assistance to access?

    There will be an accessible entrance and accessible facilities on site.

  • Why is alcohol not permitted?

    Drinking alcohol will considerably increase the risk of people suffering from hypothermia at the event and as such we do not have permission to allow alcohol at this event. In addition, we wish to be sympathetic towards alcohol and addiction issues within the homeless community by abstaining for the night.

  • Can we leave outdoor kit behind?

    No. Please do not leave your outdoor kit behind after the event, if you do not want to keep it please take it home and consider donating to an organisation who could put it to use. Please throw all your rubbish away in the bins provided and take all your belongings with you.

  • Is there somewhere for lost property?

    Please hand in and reclaim all lost property from the welfare stations. The event accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property. All lost property items will be handed to the local police station after the event.

  • What if it rains or the weather is bad?

    Unless there is an extreme weather event the WBSO event will go ahead. Our on-site H&S team will monitor and assess the weather and will only cancel in the event it is deemed dangerous to proceed.

  • What is the event programme?

    Full talent line-ups and stage times will not be announced pre-event. Once you arrive you will be directed to the concert viewing area where a live show will commence at 7pm. The live show will conclude at 10pm and then it’s time to go to sleep until morning.

  • Will there be a refund if the event is cancelled?

    No tickets will be refunded and the proceeds will still go to the charity. We will endeavour to put on an alternative event within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Will there be a refund if any of the artists cancel?

    Tickets are for the event and not for one specific artist.

    The promoter will endeavour to present the line-up as advertised, but the line-up of artists cannot be guaranteed. Should one or more artists cancel, the event will go ahead as normal. Refunds will not be given in these circumstances.

  • How can I make a donation to WBSO?

    head to www.bigsleepout.com and click donate in the top right corner 

  • Is smoking allowed at the event

    No smoking is permitted at the event

  • What Shall/Can I bring with me?

    There are a number of items you should bring to the WBSO event, however we encourage you to only bring what is necessary.  There are a few essential items below that we must insist you bring, such as a sleeping bag, warm clothes and photo ID, without them WBSO reserves the right to ask you to leave the event for your own safety.

    The following items are permitted:

    ●       Good Quality Sleeping Bag – essential (we recommend a 3-4 season sleeping
             bag suitable for winter)

    ●       Warm, layered clothing including an outdoor coat – essential

    ●       Photo ID - essential

    ●       Foam ground mat

    ●       Flask/Hot Cups (we will provide hot drinks)

    ●       Water Bottle

    ●       Easy to eat food items (energy bars etc)

    ●       Hat, gloves, scarf

    ●       Umbrella

    ●       A small hand or head torch

    ●       A black bin bag for your rubbish

    ●       Any essential medication you will need while you are at the event


    The following is not permitted at any of the World’s Big Sleep Out events:

    ●       Alcohol

    ●       Glass

    ●       Fires/BBQs

    ●       Smoke Bombs

    ●       Pyrotechnics

    ●       Animals (except for assistance dogs)

    ●       Weapons, knives & firearms

    ●       Drones

    ●       Drugs (including illegal substances; legal highs and NOS gas)

    ●       Amplified music

    ●       Tent/shelters or mattresses/inflatables