Big Sleep Out

The Cardiff event venue still to be announced. 100%* of the funds raised from this event will go towards registered charities helping homeless and displaced people.

  If you would like to get in touch regarding the Cardiff event, please email us at [email protected] 


will support the local organisations listed below.


will go towards supporting people displaced internationally.

Local Charity Beneficiaries

  • Llamau

    Llamau’s mission is to end youth homelessness and homelessness for women in Wales. We believe that no one should ever have to experience homelessness but sadly thousands of the most vulnerable people in Wales continue to face this frightening reality. Llamau works across Wales to prevent homelessness before it happens and to support people to leave homelessness behind for good. We believe that with the right support everyone can move on from homelessness and achieve their full potential, and by working together we can end youth homelessness and homelessness for women in Wales for good.

Registration to participate in any of our Sleep Out events opens on Tuesday, September 3rd. Capacity may be limited in certain venues. If you would like to participate, please Pre-Register today to gain early access. Pre-registration does not guarantee your place at the event and we will contact you prior to Tuesday 3rd of September to confirm your place at the event.

*Donations may be subject to platform fees and transaction charges before being received by the Charities. For more information please visit