Saturday 7th December 2019

A Global Sleep Out to Call for an End to Global Homelessness


For one night, in backyards, hometowns and iconic locations across the globe, we will sleep out in unison to create the world’s largest display of solidarity with and support of those experiencing homelessness and displacement.

Join Will Smith, Dame Helen Mirren, some of the World's biggest musicians and an expected 50,000 people throughout the world by sleeping out under the stars to help those who have no other choice. You will be helping to raise the life-saving funds needed to help a target of 1,000,000 homeless and displaced people in your area and throughout the world.

Global Leaderboards

Top 25 Teams
1 Deloitte $145,725
2 #CARE $127,347
3 PwC London $50,956
4 Heart of London Business Alliance $39,203
5 Centerview Partners London Team $37,933
6 RBS / NatWest Markets / Coutts / Adam and Co $34,381
7 Clifford Chance $27,694
8 Freshfields London $21,378
9 The University of Edinburgh Team $19,284
10 Trinity College Dublin $18,820
11 Schuh - Edinburgh $16,804
12 Team Ascential $15,807
13 PwC Brisbane $14,746
14 Unilever Team $13,241
15 Jacobs - London  $12,806
16 Michael Hill Jeweller Team $11,785
17 Ashurst $11,009
18 Jacobs - Edinburgh $10,997
19 HSBC - Scotland $10,845
20 ColumbaAndWoodmill $10,520
21 Ecclesiastical Insurance $10,187
22 ARUP London - Trafalgar Square $10,156
23 #LanersBigSleepOut $6,416
24 Morton Fraser $9,498
25 Deutsche Bank FIG team $8,945


Top 25 Host-Your-Own Events
1 WW Good $17,879
2 easyJet does The World's Big Sleep Out $8,698
3 Helen Mirren $3,567
4 William Bellamy Sleepout $3,063
5 HiHAT 4 homeless $2,944
6 Wheathampstead Cricket Club's Big Sleep Out $2,778
7 Novar sleepout $2,666
8 Hadleigh URC Sleep Out $2,280
9 CGI Sleeps Out $2,012
10 The Little Big Lady Sleepout $1,939
11 Big Sleep Out Golf de Maisons Laffitte $1,718
12 Cummins Daventry Big Sleep Out $1,697
13 Sleep Out For Homelessness $1,694
14 The Much Hadham Big Sleep Out $1,478
15 Plymouths Sleep Out $1,478
16 Stogumber Big Sleep Out $1,428
17 Linda's 70th Sleep Out $1,381
18 Operation Restoration's Big Sleep Out 2019 $1,313
19 Big Sleep Out in the Woods $1,272
20 Wilton House Sleep Out $1,241
21 Durnford's Big Sleep Out $1,214
22 Allanton Big Sleepout $1,213
23 The Wee Norrag $1,204
24 Homeless Hawkswell $1,156
25 URDPS Big Sleepout $914
Top 25 Individuals
1 Graeme Watt $31,434
2 Iain Dale $27,840
3 Louise Casey $26,922
4 Ros Morgan $24,417
5 Sharon Thorne $23,428
6 Jack McConnell $18,505
7 Richard Houston $12,288
8 Nazera Haluman $11,407
9 Stuart Fenton $11,226
10 David Lane $11,205
11 Nick Owen $11,120
12 David Craig $10,592
13 Ruairi Mulholland $10,520
14 Angela Whitty $10,275
15 Bob Hair $8,700
16 David Duffy $8,361
17 Margaret McCaig $8,341
18 Jason Knight $8,204
19 Margarita Hoyos $8,123
20 Ayeesha Shahani $8,108
21 Lisa Mangles $7,405
22 Jade Falconer $7,308
23 Federico Ceresole $7,120
24 Simon Davis $7,108
25 Simon Hardy $7,091


Top 25 Little Sleep Out Events
1 James Gillespie's High School $18,108
2 Belhaven Hill School $6,594
3 Donibristle Primary School $3,773
4 Gryffe High and Community $3,429
5 St. George's Sleep Out $3,332
6 Buckstone Primary School $2,913
7 71st Craigalmond Scout Group $2,516
8 Akeley Wood Junior School Year 6 $2,356
9 Williamston Primary School $2,269
10 Bohunt Sixth Sleep Out $2,137
11 St Bridge's Primary School $2,068
12 Devonshire Dreams $1,963
13 Auchtergaven Primary School $1,773
14 Braes High School $1,770
15 KESTY Sleep Out $962
16 Sherborne School $703
17 Notre Dame Big Sleep Out $578
18 14th Hove Scout Group Sleepout 2019 $530
19 The Musketeers Little Sleep Out $328
20 1st Bourn Sleep Out $303
21 ACT! Big Sleep Out $288
22 The Northlands Wood Big Sleep out $269
23 Jack Wilkinson $219
24 Winterland to Neverland $189
25 Hollybank Little Sleep Out $164

Fundraising Incentives

Official Events

Registration to our Sleep Out events is now open! Capacity may be limited in certain venues so register early to secure your place

New York

Times Square, USA

View Event


Trafalgar Square, England

View Event


Princes St Gardens, Scotland

View Event


Lincoln Park, USA

View Event


Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

View Event


Rodney Parade, Wales

View Event


Stormont Estate, Northern Ireland

View Event

New Delhi

Central Park, India

View Event


Matadero, Spain

View Event

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

View Event


Cardiff Castle, Wales

View Event

Hutt City

McEwan Park, New Zealand

View Event


The Gabba, Australia

View Event


Hove Lagoon, England

View Event

San José

Parque Nacional, Costa Rica

View Event


Lime Square, England

View Event


Quezon City, Quezon Memorial Circle

View Event


City Sports Complex Abellana, The Philippines

View Event


Founding place of Wacken Open-Air Festival, Germany

View Event


Santuario y Museo del Padre Hurtado, Chile

View Event


Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Coast, Croatia

View Event


Monomotapa Crowne Plaza Hotel, Zimbabwe

View Event

Additional Indian Cities

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Kachari Chowk, India

View Event


Kambiyanpettai, India

View Event


Khiriya Ghat, India

View Event


Paltan Chawwni Ashray Ghar, India

View Event


Sanjay Place, India

View Event


Selfie Point, New Palasia, India

View Event


Hanumanpet, India

View Event


Eliots Beach, India

View Event


Sakchi Gol Chakkar, India

View Event


Malahi Pakdi Chowk, India

View Event


Junction Railway Station, India

View Event


RTC complex, Gandhi Park

View Event


Sir Puttanna Chetty Town Hall, India

View Event


Prozone Mall, India

View Event


Cross Maidan Garden Street , Fort Mumbai

View Event

Host a Sleep Out

Hosting a sleep out can make a major difference to organisations fighting local homelessness in your city as well as allowing you and your community to join a global movement to tackle homelessness throughout the world. By hosting your own event you can also fundraise for a homeless charity of YOUR choice and this organisation will receive 50% of the funds that your event raises with the other 50% going to international refugee focussed causes.

All sleep out events will be given a VT package from the incredible people supporting our campaign, including a video message from A-list actors Will Smith and Dame Helen Mirren, telling a bedtime story to your participants.



You can organise your Sleep Out in your back garden, porch, school grounds, private grounds of a company (with permission) or anywhere else that is safe and legal.

Find your nearest event

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Events will be taking place over 60 cities throughout the world

The World's Big Sleep Out is partnering with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our mission on December 7th is to align and support Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


The Global Goals will only be met if we work together.

By joining us in Sleeping Out on December 7th, you will play your part in this global movement.