Saturday 7th December 2019

A Global Sleep Out to Call for an End to Global Homelessness


For one night, in backyards, hometowns and iconic locations across the globe, we will sleep out in unison to create the world’s largest display of solidarity with and support of those experiencing homelessness and displacement.

Join Will Smith, Dame Helen Mirren, some of the World's biggest musicians and an expected 50,000 people throughout the world by sleeping out under the stars to help those who have no other choice. You will be helping to raise the life-saving funds needed to help a target of 1,000,000 homeless and displaced people in your area and throughout the world.

By sleeping out, you will be adding your voice to a campaign to end global homelessness. In 2016, the United Nations had every country in the world agree that by 2030, every homeless person will have access to adequate, safe and affordable housing. Join

the World’s Big Sleep Out

and let’s hold each other to account to make sure that happens.

To take part you can either:

Our aim is to have

0 People

sleeping out all over the World

Collectively raising a target of

$0 $0m

Which will help an estimated


homeless and displaced people

Thanks to sponsors and philanthropic supporters,


of donations received will go to the cause*, with:


Going to charities helping rough sleepers and people suffering from homelessness in YOUR town or city**


Going to charities helping some of the 68.5 million people displaced globally - who have lost their homes through war, natural disasters, or extreme poverty

And you will be joining a global campaign to call for an end to global homelessness.

**If you are hosting your own DIY event you can pick a charity of YOUR choice working on local or international homelessness to benefit from this 50% of the funds you raise

*Donations may be subject to platform fees and transaction charges before being received by the Charities. For more information please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fees & https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving/about-us/fees/.

Official Events

Registration to participate in any of our Sleep Out events opens on Tuesday September 3rd. Capacity may be limited in certain venues. If you would like to gain early access and participate, please Pre-Register today.

Host a Sleep Out

Hosting a sleep out can make a major difference to organisations fighting local homelessness in your city as well as allowing you and your community to join a global movement to tackle homelessness throughout the world. By hosting your own event you can also fundraise for a homeless charity of YOUR choice and this organisation will receive 50% of the funds that your event raises with the other 50% going to international refugee focussed causes.

All sleep out events will be given a VT package from the incredible people supporting our campaign, including a video message from A-list actors Will Smith and Dame Helen Mirren, telling a bedtime story to your participants.

You can organise your Sleep Out in your back garden, porch, school grounds, private grounds of a company (with permission) or anywhere else that is safe and legal.

If you are from a city government or a registered charity working with homeless people or refugees, we can support you to host an official event that will be open to the public in your city.

You can host a sleep out in your community in 4 ways:

Register to host as a:
Host-Your-Own Event

These are small to medium events (1-300 participants) that are suited for families, friends, community groups, places of worship or smaller, charity run events.

Register Now Download Info Booklet
The World's Little Sleep Out

These are small, closed events for under 18s that are designed for schools and youth organisations. They follow the same design as Host-Your-Own events.

Register Now Download Info Booklet
Charities: Official Event

Official events are larger in scale (300 - 8000 participants) and have an official event page that is hosted on our website with a publicly accessible registration page.

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City: Official Event

Official events are larger in scale (300 - 8000 participants) and have an official event page that is hosted on our website with a publicly accessible registration page.

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